About Brownline

Brownline is a Canada brand which has been promoting quality and innovation since 1846. We are committed to providing the office supply industry and consumers with excellent products at competitive prices.

Brownline has over 200 quality products and is devoted to constantly improving production methods, quality control and the search for new products. Our philosophy is to allow our personnel to contribute actively in the company's success.

Brownline also understands the importance of a good distribution network. Numerous resources are in place in Canada, the United States and Mexico to ensure an efficient supply.


When Thomas Brown opened his business supply store in 1846, 21 years before the Confederacy, he was far from thinking that his company would surpass his most optimistic forecasts for the future. When he passed away in 1856, the three Brown sons (Thomas, John and Richard) became responsible for the pioneering stationery and book binding business. Under Richard’s management, the Brown Brothers' business prospered to become the most important provider of office supplies in the country for hard cover books and seasonal products.

In the 1930s, The Brown brothers' company was already supplying many of the calendars and planners that we take for granted today. The tradition to supply clients with quality products that meet the market's needs and requirements went on and continues to this day.

In 1971, after 125 years of existence, the Brown family decided to sell its American company and to standardize its corporate image, Brown Brothers became Brownline on January 15, 1982.

In 1994, following an agreement with a Canadian manufacturer – Dominion Blueline Inc. Brownline not only finds its original appurtenance, but continues to make a prestigious range with a quality without equal for its faithful clientele.

Today Brownline continues to build its business through the innovation of new and unique product lines. To see the latest innovations visit the collections page Click Here .